By far, the house and the tower from the XVI century are distinguished, which peep peacefully  between the cypresses. Just around, we replanted  20 hectares’ vineyard, where, over hundred years, our grandparents produced an excellent wine, recognized in all region. The fertile soils, the Alentejo’s climate and the mild relief are joined in a landscape where vineyard is a garden.

In Amoreira da Torre Farm (Montemor o Novo), in Évora’s designated region, the wines that we produce are the consequence of Portuguese caste, icons of Alentejo’s region: Trincadeira e Aragonese, perfumed by Nacional Touriga’s castes, Alicante Bouchet andCabernet Sauvignon.

These wines are the result of our work, but essentially they come out from the land of Amoreira da Torre, the Sun and the Nature from Alentejo. That’s our main pride.



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