In Quinta da Amoreira da Torre we believe that real winemaking begins in the vineyard, which is farmed according to sustainable and organic practices (organic certification entity: SATIVA).

We do not use herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, antibiotics, chemical or synthesis fertilizers, we do not irrigate and work the soil minimally.

The microclimate of Amoreira da Torre, with a very unusual freshness and humidity in Alentejo region, allows our vineyard to root and withdraw all nutrients from the soil.

The varieties are, in majority, autochthonous Portuguese ones. The reds are Aragonez, Trincadeira, Alicante Bouchet, Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca and a small spot of Cabernet Souvignon. Arinto and Verdellho from Madeira as whites.

The harvest is done manually, normally in late September/early October, with all the grape varieties picked separately.

In the cellar, the philosophy is that an ancient and natural process with minimal intervention of Man makes all the vinification.

The fermentation starts spontaneously, only with autochthonous yeasts, after maceration of the grapes. Nothing is added nor taken from the juice, only a smooth filtration and SO2 in minimal levels.

We want the result to be alive and authentic wines that reflect their Terroir, that breath the energy of the landscape and the passion of those who conducted them.

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